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A Day in the Life of USCIS

On an average day:

  • More than 375,000 people visit our Web site.
  • We process 310 refugee applications around the world, and grant asylum to 55 people already in the United States.
  • We answer 44,000 phone calls to our toll-free customer service line, and serve 9,500 customers at our 84 local offices.
  • We ensure the employment eligibility of more than 58,000 new hires in the United States.
  • We fingerprint and photograph 15,000 applicants at our 136 Application Support Centers.
  • We conduct 148,000 national security background checks.
  • We complete 23,000 applications for various immigration benefits.
  • We process 2,600 applications to sponsor relatives and fiancées. We also help American parents adopt 78 foreign born orphans.
  • We process 2,040 petitions filed by employers to bring workers to the United States.
  • We grant permanent residence to 2,400 people and issue 6,100 Permanent Resident Cards.
  • We welcome 3,200 new citizens.
  • Typically 35 of them are already serving their adopted country in the United States armed forces


A Day in the Life of USCIS
Last Reviewed/Updated: 12/21/2012