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Administrative Site Visit and Verification Program

The Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) Directorate created and implemented the Administrative Site Visit and Verification Program (ASVVP) in July 2009 as part of its ongoing enhancement to the integrity of the immigration benefit process.

What is the ASVVP?

Under the ASVVP, FDNS conducts unannounced pre- and post-adjudication site inspections to verify information contained in certain visa petitions.  USCIS provides petitioners and their representatives of record (if any) an opportunity to review and address the information before denying or revoking an approved petition based on information obtained during a site inspection.

How Are Site Inspections Chosen?

FDNS may perform ASVVP site inspections on randomly-selected applications and petitions, both pre- and post adjudication.  ASVVP site inspections are not performed in cases where fraud is suspected, and are generally performed without notice.  ASVVP site inspectors do not make decisions on immigration benefit petitions or applications. 

What are the Site Inspector’s Tasks?

ASVVP site inspectors:

  • Verify the information submitted with the petition, including supporting documentation submitted by the petitioner, based on a checklist prepared by USCIS
  • Verify the existence of a petitioning entity
  • Take digital photographs
  •  Review documents
  •  Speak with organizational representatives to confirm the beneficiary’s work location, employment workspace, hours, salary and duties

Site inspectors will report the results of their site inspections to FDNS, which will review the information to determine whether the petitioner and the beneficiary have met or continue to meet eligibility requirements.

What Happens After an ASVVP Inspection? 

An FDNS Officer will review the information gathered, and determine whether there is a need to conduct an administrative inquiry.  If so, and following that inquiry, FDNS will provide an Immigration Services Officer (ISO) with a Summary of Findings (SOF). The ISO will use the SOF to determine whether or not the petitioning organization qualifies for the benefit sought.  If FDNS cannot verify the information on the petition or finds the information to be inconsistent with the facts recorded during the site visit, the ISO may request additional evidence from the petitioner or initiate denial or revocation proceedings.  When indicators of fraud are identified, the FDNS Officer may conduct additional administrative inquiries or refer the case to ICE for criminal investigation.

Other Anti-Fraud Efforts

The ASVVP complements other USCIS anti-fraud efforts.  In addition to ASVVP visits, FDNS also conducts site visits to support occasional Benefit Fraud and Compliance Assessments and on cases in which immigration fraud is suspected.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 08/18/2010