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Office of Citizenship


Laura Patching is the Acting Chief, Office of Citizenship.


The Office of Citizenship seeks to engage and support partners to welcome immigrants, promote English language learning and education on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and encourage U.S. citizenship.

What We Do

The Office of Citizenship:

  • Develops and enhances educational products and resources that
    • Welcome immigrants
    • Promote English language learning and education on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
    • Prepare immigrants for naturalization and active civic participation
  • Leads initiatives to promote citizenship awareness and demystify the naturalization process for aspiring citizens
  • Supports national and community-based organizations that prepare immigrants for citizenship by providing grants, educational materials, and technical assistance
  • Builds collaborative partnerships with state and local governments and non-governmental organizations to expand integration and citizenship resources in communities
  • Conducts training workshops and enhances professional development and classroom resources for educators and organizations preparing immigrants for citizenship
  • Promotes integration policy dialogue among different sectors of society and coordinates with stakeholders at all levels to foster integration and community cohesion


The Office of Citizenship is divided into 3 divisions:

  • Citizenship Education and Training
  • Publications and Outreach
  • Grants
Last Reviewed/Updated: 12/12/2011