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Office of Communications


Angelica Alfonso-Royals, Chief, Office of Communications


The Office of Communications (OCOMM) oversees and coordinates official USCIS communications to both internal and external audiences.

What We Do


  • Manages communications and messaging to our external audiences.
  • Empowers our employees with the information needed to perform their jobs.
  • Facilitates consistent messaging and imaging for USCIS.
  • Informs the public regarding the immigration services and benefits we provide.

How We Are Organized

OCOMM consists of the following divisions:

Strategic Communications:

  • Delivers the right messages through the right channels to the right audiences at the right time.
  • Measures communications impact against organizational goals and objectives. 
  • Develops communications plans and messaging for external communicators and agency leadership, enabling them to execute announcements and roll-outs as part of a long-range, strategic agency vision.
  • Ensures information is clearly defined, consistent and targeted to meet each audience's needs.
  • Determines timelines for each initiative and ensures that the agency meets specific deadlines.

 Media Relations:

  • Proactively promotes USCIS events, achievements and policies to maintain and increase public awareness, understanding, and support for USCIS.
  • Provides timely responses to requests about USCIS and the immigration process using English and non-English print, television, radio, and social media outlets. 
  • Establishes and maintains professional relationships with members of the media across the country and around the world. 
  • Writes communication products to inform the public about current USCIS activities, policies, and priorities through interaction with the media. 
  • Closely coordinates with public affairs counterparts throughout the Department of Homeland Security as well as media relations representatives in other federal, state and local agencies, private businesses, and community-based organizations..

USCIS has spokespersons in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country to respond to media inquiries. A contact list is available on our Media Contacts page.


  • Reviews, publishes and maintains Web content in English and Spanish to provide information to USCIS audiences.
  • Manages USCIS social media content in English and Spanish, including:
  • Recommends and implements Web-based information policy, standards, guidance, and tools for USCIS.
  •  Assesses the content and usability of all proposed websites to ensure they are consistent with USCIS policies and goals.


  • Provides a full-suite of multimedia production services including:
    • Streaming Video
    • Videoconferencing
    • Video Production Studio
    • Press Conference and Live Event Support
    • DHS and USCIS Town Hall Meetings
    • Training Videos
    • Graphic design

Plain Language and Content:

  • Ensures quality, consistency and clarity in all Office of Communications products.
  • Writes, edits and reviews communication products for style, grammar, punctuation and clarity.
  • Reviews documents related to major projects from other USCIS offices.
  • Translates content into Spanish.
  • Provides training in plain language and writing for the Web to the entire agency including:
    • Half-day trainings
    • Workshops
    • Videos

Employee Communications and Engagement:

ECE communicates accurate and timely information to fully engage our 19,000 member global workforce by:

• Developing communications for internal stakeholders;
• Planning and implementing strategic employee communications and engagement activities; and,
• Effectively using communications channels and technologies to meet the information needs of our workforce.


Last Reviewed/Updated: 03/30/2015