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Office of Communications


Angie Alfonso-Royals Deputy Chief, Office of Communications


The Office of Communications oversees and coordinates official USCIS communications to both internal and external audiences.

What We Do

The Office of Communications:

  • Manages communications and messaging to our external audiences.
  • Empowers our employees with the information needed to perform their jobs.
  • Facilitates consistent messaging and imaging for USCIS.
  • Informs the public regarding the immigration services and benefits we provide.

How We Are Organized

The Office of Communications consists of the following divisions:

Strategic Communication:

  • Formulates strategic description of each initiative along with approach and overall message.
  • Ensures information is clearly defined and targeted to meet each audience's needs.
  • Considers communications tactics mapped against messages and audience.
  • Determines timelines for each initiative and ensures that specific goals are met.

 Media Relations:

  • Proactively promotes USCIS events, achievements and policies to maintain and increase public awareness, understanding, and support for USCIS.
  • Provides timely responses to requests about USCIS and the immigration process using English and non-English print, television, radio, and social media outlets. 
  • Establishes and maintains professional relationships with members of the media across the country and around the world. 
  • Writes communication products to inform the public about current USCIS activities, policies, and priorities through interaction with the media. 
  • Closely coordinates with public affairs counterparts throughout the Department of Homeland Security as well as media relations representatives in other federal, state, and local agencies, private businesses, and community based organizations.


  • Leads the development, review, publication and maintenance of Web content to provide information to USCIS external and internal audiences.
  •  Creates and manages USCIS social media content, including:
  • Recommends and implements Web-based information policy, standards, guidance, and tools for USCIS.
  •  Assesses the content and usability of all proposed websites to ensure they are consistent with USCIS policies and goals.

 Multimedia Division

  • Provides a full-suite of multimedia production services including:
    • Streaming Video
    • Videoconferencing
    • Video Production Studio
    • Press Conference and Live Event Support
    • DHS and USCIS Town Hall Meetings
    • Training Videos

Plain Language and Content

  • Ensures quality, consistency and clarity in all Office of Communications products.
  • Writes, edits and reviews communication products.
  • Reviews documents related to major projects from other USCIS offices.
  • Provides training in plain language and writing for the Web to the entire agency including:
    • Half-day trainings
    • Workshops
    • Videos

Agile Communications Division

The Agile Communications Division includes a complete range of resources to support the introduction of the new electronic immigration system while also serving as a special agency communications project team

  • Social and  Digital Media  (Tweets, BLOGs, etc.)
  • Audio podcasting (scripting and talent)
  • Internal and external Web content development, layout &design
  • Graphic design and photographic support
  • Marketing and demographic research
  • Spanish language scripting and translation

Last Reviewed/Updated: 10/05/2012