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Office of Legislative Affairs


James McCament is the Chief of the USCIS Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA).


OLA supports USCIS by maintaining effective relationships with Congress through:

  • Prompt responses to constituent concerns,
  • Proactive outreach on issues of interest, and
  • Ongoing educational activities for Members and staff.

These initiatives enhance the integrity of the immigration process and promote the development of sound immigration legislation, policy and practices.


OLA is divided into three branches:  Legislative, National Coordination, and Operations.

The Legislative Branch 

  • Informs Congress of USCIS mission, priorities, and policies
  • Provides information to Congress when legislation is being debated, particularly the implications of proposed legislation on agency operations
  • Coordinates USCIS comments on proposed legislation, facilitates Congressional hearings and meetings for USCIS, and tracks legislation for USCIS leadership 

The National Coordination Branch

  • Works to strengthen OLA operations throughout the national USCIS Legislative Affairs Program so that the agency can best represent its efforts to Congress at the local level

The Operations Branch

  • Assists Members of Congress and staff in identifying, explaining, and resolving constituent inquiries regarding individual cases, institutional problems, or policy issues affecting USCIS customers
  • Responds to all Congressional casework inquiries

Contact Us

You can reach OLA by phone or fax.  Phone: 202-272-1940.  Fax:  202-272-1955.     



Last Reviewed/Updated: 04/13/2015