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FY 2011 Citizenship and Integration Grant Program

1. For the National Capacity Building Grant Program, should the principal applicant submit separate budget narratives for each sub-applicant or one combined budget narrative?

Principal applicants must complete a principal applicant budget narrative along with separate budgets for each of the proposed sub-applicants. Provide the same level of detail for all budget narratives. See Section IV.C.4 of the funding opportunity announcement.

2. For the National Capacity Building Grant Program, are the sub-applicants allowed to have indirect and fringe benefits rates in their budgets?

Yes. The budget narrative outlined in the funding announcement applies to the principal applicants and the sub-applicants.

3. I am applying for one of the Direct Services Grant Program funding opportunities. I want to propose several partners who will provide additional direct services and receive a portion of the grant funds. Should I submit one combined budget narrative or separate budget narratives?

The applicant must submit a budget narrative for the applicant and a separate budget narrative for each sub-awardee (i.e., a partner who will receive a portion of the grant funds to provide additional or complimentary direct services). Provide the same level of detail for all budget narratives.

4. Which budget category includes facility rental costs?

Facility rental costs should be included under “Other Direct Costs” (see Section IV.C.4.h of the funding opportunity announcements.) Facility rental costs should not exceed more than 20% of the total approved budget.

5. What counts as proof of fringe-benefit rate?

If a fringe benefit has been negotiated with, or approved by, a cognizant federal agency, provide a copy of the agreement. If no rate agreement exists, provide a breakdown of the amounts and percentages that comprise fringe benefit costs such as health insurance, FICA, retirement insurance, taxes, etc. Identify the base for allocating these fringe benefit expenses. (Please see Section IV.C.4.c of the funding opportunity announcements.)

6. Can organizations apply for less than the maximum award amount?


Last Reviewed/Updated: 02/17/2011