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Archive Content

In an effort to keep the USCIS website current, the archive contains content that is five years and older or otherwise outdated.

Archive: Applications for Immigration Benefits and Naturalization Monthly Statistical Reports

The "Applications for Immigration Benefits" monthly charts listed below provide data on applications and petitions received by USCIS for immigration benefits. These charts exclude all data associated with the citizenship-related applications.

The "Naturalization Benefits" monthly charts listed below provide data on the Applications for Naturalization (Form N-400) received by USCIS.

See the "Immigration Statistics (DHS)" link on the right for additional information on naturalization statistics and yearbooks.

Application for Immigration Benefits - June 2013

Applications for Immigration Benefits June 2013

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Immigration application receipts increased by 38 percent compared to the number received in June 2012. June 2013 approvals increased by 20 percent, denials increased by 16 percent, and pending increased by 42% compared to June 2012.


N-400 Naturalization Benefits - June 2013

June 2013 Naturalization Application Monthly Statistics

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Naturalization receipts in June 2013 decreased by 26 percent compared to June 2012, approvals/oaths increased by 8 percent and denials increased 26 percent.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 03/31/2011