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The Citizenship Public Education and Awareness Initiative promotes awareness of the rights, responsibilities, and importance of United States citizenship, and the free naturalization preparation resources available to permanent residents and immigrant-serving organizations.

Through this effort, USCIS seeks to:

  • Increase awareness of the rights, responsibilities, and importance of U.S. citizenship.

  • Encourage eligible permanent residents to consider the benefits of U.S. citizenship for themselves and their communities.

  • Increase understanding of the naturalization process and requirements.

  • Increase awareness of available citizenship preparation resources.

  • Educate eligible permanent residents about the steps they can take to apply for citizenship and prepare for the naturalization process.

How Community Organizations can Support the Initiative

Community organizations can support the initiative in a number of ways. Several possibilities include:

  • Referring clients to the Citizenship Resource Center. 

  • Linking to the Citizenship Resource Center on the organization’s website. 

  • Placing a widget on the organization's website. 

  • Linking to the initiative’s print messages on the organization’s website. 

  • Placing initiative print advertisements (posters) in office waiting areas, classrooms, community centers, and other visible areas.

  • Distributing initiative outreach materials to the public.

  • Registering for one free copy of the USCIS Civics and Citizenship Toolkit and utilizing its contents in citizenship or English language programs.

  • Adding the organization’s English language and/or citizenship programs to America’s Literacy Directory

Media Support

Print advertisements can be published on paid or donated media with no time restrictions. Media organizations can contact to request print advertisements. Please indicate the format(s) and size(s) you prefer, your name and contact information, and the name of the media organization you represent.

“Who I Am” (2011)

In 2011, USCIS developed a series of advertisements and messages featuring professional actors depicting immigrant stories. These individual stories represent the diverse backgrounds of immigrants both past and present. The stories reflect many of the motivating factors immigrants have often noted as common reasons for pursuing U.S. citizenship.

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Small online applications in English and Spanish that can be embedded on social media sites, blogs, or other web pages.

Sizes (240x400, 250x330, 300x250)

Sizes (240x400, 250x330, 300x250)

Sizes (240x400, 250x330, 300x250)

Outreach Materials

6" x 9" informational flyers in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. No restrictions on use.

Print Ads

11" x 17" poster-size versions of the print advertisements in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. No restrictions on use.