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Instructions for Electronic Filing of Form I-821

Burden Disclosure Notice for Form I-821, OMB No. 1615-0043; Expires 02/27/2017

Only applicants who are re-registering for Temporary Protected Status may e-File Form I-821.  The steps to e-File this form are:

  1. Be sure to read the form instructions first.
  2. Check the “E-Filing Eligibility” table below. If you are eligible to e-File, go to the e-Filing log-in page and fill out Form I-821 online. 
  3. E-Filing will automatically generate Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, for you to complete.  You must e-File Form I-765 if you are e-Filing Form I-821.
  4. Once payment is made, we will provide you with an electronic confirmation receipt that:
    • Includes your receipt number.
    • Tells you where to mail the required supporting documents listed in the form instructions. If you do not send the required documents to the address listed on the confirmation receipt, your application may be delayed or denied. 
    • USCIS will mail you a Form I-797, Notice of Action.  This is the notice you should use as evidence that you filed this application.  If biometric services are required, we will send you an appointment notice to appear at an Application Support Center.
  5. The USCIS office where your case is assigned will adjudicate your application. 

E-Filing Eligibility

You may e-File Form I-821 if...You may not e-File Form I-821 if...
You are re-registering for Temporary Protected Status, and your country is designated for re-registration purposes (see are applying for initial, late initial or re-designation.

Filing Fee

There is no filing fee to re-register for Temporary Protected Status.  Biometric services fees of $85 do apply for applicants 14 and older.  The e-Filing fee for Form I-765, which you must also file, is $380 if you are requesting an Employment Authorization Document.  If you are not requesting an EAD, then there is no fee to file the Form I-765.

Concurrent Filing

  • Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization: If you e-File Form I-821, you must also e-File Form I-765.  File Form I-821 first.  The e-Filing system will then automatically generate a Form I-765 for completion.

Please see the “E-Filing Forms Concurrently” webpage for more information.

Change of Address

If you have e-Filed a form and need to update your address, please refer to our "Change of Address Information" webpage.

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