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Case Alerts

E-Verify features three types of case alerts to help you work more efficiently.

Image of sample case alert screen

Open cases to be closed

When a case gets a final result, you must close the case to complete the verification process. Any case that has been updated with a final case result within the past 30 days and that hasn't been closed appears in this alert. To remove the case from this alert, simply close the case.

Cases with new updates

Sometimes, it's necessary to wait for either DHS or SSA to update a case. When a case is updated within the past 30 days, it appears in this alert. The action you must take to remove the case from this alert depends the on the status of the case. To learn more about case statuses, consult the
E-Verify user manual.

Work authorization documents expiring

When you create a case for an employee who presents a work authorization document with an expiration date, E-Verify will remind you when the document is about to expire. For these cases, you must only complete section 3 of Form I-9—you may not create a new case in E-Verify to re-verify the employee. This case alert provides a countdown of expiring work authorization documents beginning 90 days before expiration and will show the document as expired for 30 days past expiration. Once you've completed section 3 of Form I-9, you can remove a case from this alert by clicking the red "X" in the "dismiss alert" column. Any subsequent expirations won't appear in this alert though the usual Form I-9 rules still apply.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • General users see case alerts for only the cases they created. Program administrators see case alerts for all cases created under their company's account.
  • When a user takes action that removes a case from a case alert, it removes the case from every user's case alerts.
  • The case alerts feature is not available to corporate administrators as they do not manage cases.

Why not email?

We are often asked why we don't email users when E-Verify updates a case. We're looking into solutions that would allow us to use email more, but in the meantime, the new case alerts feature represents a big improvement in case management.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 05/12/2011