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Home Page

E-Verify’s home page welcomes you by name, displays your user ID and your last login date and time to enhance security.

E-Verify Enhancement Homepage

Left menu

The home page also features a rewritten left menu that uses simple language. We've also added an E-Verify User Manual link to the left menu so that the manual is always just a click away no matter where you are.

Case alerts

With the case alerts feature at the bottom of the home page, E-Verify will alert you when you're required to take action or when there's an update in the status of a case.

The top information bar lets you know whether you have any case alerts. The bar is blue when you don't have any case alerts and is red when you have at least one case alert. The number in the red circle of a case alert type tells you how many cases currently appear in that alert type. If there's no red circle, no cases currently appear in that alert type.

E-Verify news

Want to get your E-Verify news fix? The improved E-Verify news section on the home page allows you to view a single article at a time without the need to download a separate document.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 06/07/2011