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What's New

E-Verify Compliance Activity Added to Website (4/14/15)

The Monitoring and Compliance page of the E-Verify website page now includes a chart reporting the program’s compliance activity statistics for the past three years. Visit the page to see the updates.

myE-Verify accounts accessible nationwide! (4/13/15)

myE-Verify is the website that gives U.S. workers and job-seekers resources and tools to learn about and participate in the E-Verify process. In October 2014, the website introduced two new services, myE-Verify accounts and Self Lock, in five states and the District of Columbia;  an additional 16 states were added in January 2015.  myE-Verify accounts and Self Lock are now available nationwide.  Account holders can use Self Lock to protect their social security numbers from being misused in E-Verify.

The website also includes Self Check and multi-media resources for workers and jobseekers to learn about employee rights and employment eligibility verification from their perspective. Visit the myE-Verify website and take a free webinar to learn more. 

New E-Verify Easy Enrollment Webinar Available (4/13/15)

Take our new and exciting E-Verify Easy Enrollment webinar, see just how easy it is to enroll in E-Verify. Using a live demonstration and infographics, this 30 minute webinar walks participants through the step-by-step E-Verify enrollment instructions. Hosted by a live E-Verify Enrollment Expert, the session in the perfect opportunity to ask questions about any stage in the enrollment process. Join the next session of E-Verify Easy Enrollment. E-Verify works for everyone and enrolling is easy!

Last Reviewed/Updated: 04/14/2015