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How to Correct a Tentative Nonconfirmation

How to Correct a DHS or SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC)


RECEIVE and read the Further Action Notice from E-Verify provided by your employer. Ensure that your name, date of birth, and Social Security number are correct. Tell your employer immediately if any information is incorrect. The Further Action Notice explains what a TNC is and explains how to visit an SSA field office or contact DHS and what information you will need.


DECIDE if you are going to contest (take action) or not contest (not take action) the DHS or SSA TNC case result.NOTIFY your employer of your decision to contest or not contest.

If you decide to contest, your employer will refer your case to SSA or DHS through E-Verify and give you a Referral Date Confirmation which provides you with the date by which you must visit SSA or contact DHS. Continue to Step 3.

If you decide not to contest the TNC, your employer may terminate your employment and there are no additional steps for you.


VISIT a SSA field office or CONTACT DHS within 8 federal government workdays to correct the TNC.

IMPORTANT: Your employer cannot take adverse action against you, including - terminating employment, suspending employment, withholding pay or training, delaying a start date or otherwise limiting employment because of your decision to contest a TNC or because your E-Verify case is still pending with DHS or SSA.


WAIT for your employer to inform you of the final E-Verify case result.

Your case will update automatically in E-Verify based on the update by DHS or SSA. The final E-Verify result will indicate if E-Verify is able to confirm your work authorization.

 See Reporting Violations if you believe an employer has misused E-Verify or discriminated against you.





Last Reviewed/Updated: 04/29/2015