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Monitoring and Compliance

E-Verify observes system use to help users comply with the E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding, E-Verify Manuals, Form I-9 instructions, and applicable laws.  E-Verify does not fine employers but may refer cases of suspected misuse, abuse, and/or fraud to appropriate agencies.  Additionally, Monitoring and Compliance:

  • Gives guidance on the proper use of E-Verify
  • Identifies and deters possible discriminatory practices
  • Sends timely emails to employers about case processing errors
  • Detects employer misuse
  • Conducts desk reviews and site visits to assist employers with E-Verify program compliance

Desk reviews take place via email and phone.  Site visits take place in person.  Both are opportunities for E-Verify staff and E-Verify users to discuss observations and recommendations.

Compliance Activities FY11 through FY14

When Creating E-Verify Cases


  • Create a case by the third day after the employee started work for pay
  • Review acceptable documents
  • Review a document with a photo
  • Print the Further Action Notice and discuss privately with the employee
  • Close cases properly

Do Not:

  • Create duplicate cases for the same employee
  • Verify employees hired before November 7, 1986
  • Create cases for employees hired before employer enrolled in E-Verify*
  • Request specific documents from employees
  • Immediately terminate employees who receive a tentative nonconfirmation

*Certain Federal Contractors may use E-Verify for employees hired before their enrollment in E-Verify

Self-Assessment Guides and Webinars

The E-Verify Self-Assessment Guides help employers evaluate their E-Verify practices, stay in compliance and are useful training tools. 

To find these guides and other helpful references, please go to Manuals and Guides under Publications.

To attend a free webinar, please go to E-Verify Webinars.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 05/15/2015