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Yes. Your company may continue to use E-Verify after the Federal contract has been fulfilled. You must update your company profile through the Maintain Company page to indicate Federal Contractor without FAR E-Verify Clause.

If you choose to terminate your use of E-Verify for a period of time, then re-enroll, you will be unable to verify your existing employees until you receive another contract that contains the FAR E-Verify clause and enroll as a Federal Contractor with FAR E-Verify Clause.

If you are an organization that qualified for an exception that allowed you to only verify new hires assigned to the Federal contract, once you update your company profile to indicate Federal Contractor without FAR E-Verify Clause, you will no longer qualify for that exception. You will be required to verify all newly hired employees.

For information on certain organizations that qualify for exceptions, as well as instructions on updating your company profile, see the Supplemental Guide for Federal Contractors. For information on terminating your participation in E-Verify, see the E-Verify User Manual for Federal Contractors.


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