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After Enrollment

After you submit your enrollment information, E-Verify compares your company information with our list of already enrolled companies. If we don't identify a duplicate enrollment, E-Verify will approve your company's enrollment and send confirmation e-mails to your company's program administrators. Most people receive a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes. You should check your e-mail inbox as well as your spam or junk mail folders because sometimes our e-mails are mistakenly marked as spam.

If we find your company is already enrolled, E-Verify Customer Support will contact the person who signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), generally within two business days of your enrollment submission. After two business days if you haven't heard from us, contact E-Verify Customer Support. Please do not try to re-enroll your company. Doing so will further delay your enrollment.

Enrollment Confirmation

After your company is approved for enrollment, your company's program administrators will receive confirmation e-mails that contain their user IDs and temporary passwords, and the required next steps. 
New program administrators must:

  1. Log in to E-Verify with their user IDs and temporary passwords (included in their E-Verify enrollment confirmation e-mail)
  2. Change their passwords and create their challenge questions
  3. Complete the E-Verify tutorial and pass the mastery test

Once all three steps are complete, the program administrator will have full access to E-Verify. If additional people in your company need to access E-Verify and they were not registered as program administrators during the company enrollment process, your existing program administrators can now register them to use E-Verify and choose whether to designate them as program administrators or general users.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 10/11/2012