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Under certain circumstances, an E-Verify account may be closed prior to the end of the 30-day period required by the E-Verify MOU. Those circumstances include:

• The company no longer exists

• Closing the account is necessary to protect the account from unauthorized access

• A company has duplicate or unnecessary accounts

• A company needs to reregister in order to change its E-Verify access method or

• E-Verify determines that closing an account before 30 days is necessary based on the requirements of law or policy

To request that your E-Verify account be closed prior to 30 days from your notice of termination based on one of these circumstances, your company’s E-Verify employer agent or an authorized representative of your company must make a written request to E-Verify.

Closing E-Verify accounts prior to the end of the 30-day period, required by the E-Verify MOU, is at the discretion of E-Verify.

Further instructions on how to close your company’s account can be found at

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