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How do I request termination of my company's E-Verify account?

Any E-Verify account may be closed voluntarily. To close an account, a program administrator, corporate administrator, the signatory of the E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or an authorized company representative must submit an electronic termination request, through E-Verify or provide written notice to E-Verify 30 days in advance of the date that the employer would like to close the account. Employers must request termination electronically through E-Verify, or submit a written termination notice to or fax to 202-443-0215.

A corporate administrator or program administrator may request termination electronically through E-Verify:

  1. Log into E-Verify
  2. From 'My Company' or 'My Company Locations' click 'Close Company Account(s)'
  3. Enter the reason for requesting to close the account
  4. Click 'Request Termination.'

IMPORTANT: E-Verify employer agents who choose to close their accounts should ensure that they notify their E-Verify employer agent client(s), and vice versa.

You must continue to use E-Verify in accordance with the MOU during this 30-day period or until you have received an e-mail confirming that the account is closed, whichever is sooner. All open E-Verify cases must be closed, even if you request to close your E-Verify account.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 11/30/2012