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My employee applied for a Social Security number (SSN) but has not yet received it. What should I do?

A case cannot be created in E-Verify without a Social Security number. If a newly hired employee has applied for but has not yet received his or her Social Security number (i.e., if he or she is a newly arrived immigrant), make a note on the employee’s Form I-9 and set it aside. The employee must be allowed to continue to work. Once the employee receives a Social Security number, you must create a case in E-Verify using the employee’s Social Security number as soon as the Social Security number is available. If you are unable to create a case within three business days of hire, E-Verify will prompt you to enter a reason for the delay. When prompted by E-Verify for the reason the case has not been submitted within three business days, select: 'Awaiting Social Security number.'

Last Reviewed/Updated: 11/30/2012