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My employee's case received a tentative nonconfirmation (TNC). What does this case result mean?

A TNC case result means that the information an employer entered into E-Verify from an employee’s Form I-9 does not match Social Security Administration (SSA) records and/or Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and needs to be resolved.

The agency associated with the mismatch is indicated when E-Verify provides the TNC result.  An SSA TNC means that the information entered into E-Verify does not match SSA records. A DHS TNC means that the information entered into E-Verify does not match records available to DHS. 

The employer must:

  • Print the English or Spanish version of the Further Action Notice from E-Verify
  • Inform the employee of the TNC result, in private
  • Allow the employee the option to contest the TNC
  • Provide a copy of the signed Further Action Notice in English or Spanish for the employee, and
  • Print and provide the employee with the Referral Date Confirmation if he or she decides to contest.

NOTE: The E-Verify Further Action Notices are available in several foreign languages in E-Verify under ‘View Essential Resources’ and on this website.  If the employee does not read English, the employer can provide a foreign language version in addition to the English version.

The employee then has eight federal government workdays to contact that agency to resolve the mismatch. The employee continues to work while resolving the mismatch. For more information, review the E-Verify User Manuals.


Last Reviewed/Updated: 09/08/2013