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The Pathways Page

Our nation has always attracted individuals with great drive and entrepreneurial spirit. As the world's greatest economy and a global leader in innovation, the United States must continue to welcome and retain the next generation of foreign entrepreneurs who will start new businesses and create new jobs here in America. 

This resource, known as Entrepreneur Pathways, was developed by the Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR)  Tactical Team at USCIS. Entrepreneur Pathways is designed to enhance communications with the entrepreneurial community and provide foreign entrepreneurs with the tools and information to determine which visa category is most appropriate for their particular circumstance.

The Pathways Page contains:

  • A Getting Started tool, which includes a high level overview of the immigration process.
  • A Visa Guide for Entrepreneurs to visa categories they are most likely to use. 

The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Initiative

On October 11, 2011, USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas announced a new initiative to harness industry expertise from the public and private sectors and Introducing the EIRs - Business Professionalsincrease the job creation potential of employment-based and high-skilled visa categories. Called ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’, the initiative built upon a series of policy, operational, and outreach efforts within the framework of existing immigration laws. The EIR program was part of a wider White House and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) effort to grow the U.S. economy and create American jobs.  

USCIS focused the EIR initiative on streamlining the immigration process for foreign entrepreneurs. Visit the EIR website to learn more about the EIR initiative, the EIR Tactical Team, and the Tactical Team’s accomplishments.