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There are several reasons why you may not have passed the quiz.

  • You may have answered one or more questions incorrectly. Please read each one carefully and consider every answer. 
  • There may be errors in the information on file with the credit reporting bureaus. This could cause a question to be generated that you cannot answer correctly. 
  • You may have entered your identifying information incorrectly, causing the independent service to ask questions that you are not able to answer.

If you would like to confirm the accuracy of the information found in your credit reports you may do so by visiting and requesting free copies of your credit reports. If you find a discrepancy in any of your credit reports you should follow up with the individual credit reporting agency to correct those records. If you want information on your rights relating to credit reporting, or more detailed information on the steps you can take to correct errors found in your credit reports, please visit

Even though an error prevented you from successfully completing the identity assurance quiz, you may still be authorized to work in the United States.

Please read the “I am unable to use Self Check. How else can I check my records?” question and answer for alternatives to using Self Check.

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