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Additional Online Privacy Information For E-filing

Additional Online Privacy Information for e-Filing

Information collected if you complete a form on our Website

On this website, we offer electronic forms that allow you to apply for certain benefits. When you apply for a benefit using one of these forms, USCIS is authorized to maintain a record of the transactions related to your application.

Caution About Sending Unencrypted Personal Information Over the Internet

If you choose to send USCIS personal information electronically or request that we send you personal information electronically (such as by e-mail), we cannot guarantee its confidentiality as it travels across the Internet. While not likely, others could eavesdrop. To make this less likely, we may use encryption to protect information that you send or view. For e-Filing, USCIS utilizes a secure transmission protocol (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)) to provide protection of the communications across the Internet between USCIS and your computer. SSL is a commonly used protocol for managing the security of an interactive Web session on the Internet. If the web page has an address that begins with "https://" rather than "http://", then the page is protected by SSL.

The Department of Treasury's processes payment information submitted to USCIS through our website for the electronic payment of form filing fees. Information transmitted by USCIS to and from the Department of Treasury's website will be transmitted through a secure virtual private network connection.


Last Reviewed/Updated: 08/30/2013