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E-Filing Forms Concurrently

Concurrent Filing Defined:

Concurrent E-Filing is the practice of submitting multiple related applications at the same time using the USCIS E-Filing system.


  • Submitting multiple Forms I-131 to obtain several travel documents for a family trip.

Concurrent E-Filing is NOT offered for all E-Filing applications. For example, an authorized representative cannot e-File ten I-90 applications for ten different clients concurrently. In these cases, each application must be E-Filed, and paid for, separately.

Advantages to E-Filing Applications Concurrently

  • Pay all fees with a single transaction.
  • Submit related applications at one time, to one processing location, instead of separately to multiple locations.
  • Receive confirmation at one time that all your applications have been received.

Application Types Available for Concurrent E-Filing

See the Form-Specific E-Filing Instructions for the circumstances in which each application can be concurrently E-Filed with another application(s).

Once you complete your initial E-Filing application, the Forms Checklist in the E-Filing system will provide links to applications that are available for Concurrent E-Filing.

Is E-Filing the Best Option for You?

You cannot concurrently file paper-based applications and E-Filing applications.

If the applications that you wish to concurrently E-File are not available on the Forms Checklist page, you will need to file the applications in paper.

Instructions for Concurrent E-Filing

The E-Filing system will only allow certain applications to be concurrently E-Filed within a single E-Filing application session, based on the primary application that you have selected.

Upon completion of an E-Filing application, you will arrive at the Forms Checklist page. The Forms Checklist provides a list of your completed applications and their associated fees, as well as links to “Add” a Form Type that may be concurrently E-Filed with your completed application(s).

Please Note: USCIS requires that Form I-821 be filed concurrently with Form I-765. You MUST complete Form I-821 before you complete Form I-765. Once you have completed Form I-821, the option to “Add” Form I-765 will appear on your Forms Checklist page.

Helpful Hints

  • Paying for Concurrently E-Filed Applications – You must pay the fees for ALL concurrently E-Filed applications by a single payment method (e.g., credit card or bank account transfer) at the time of submission. Each form’s fee will appear as a separate line item on your credit card or bank statement.
  • Attempting to Attach Applications After Submission – After you have certified and paid for your application(s), you cannot attach another application to that submission. If you submit another E-Filing application, it will be treated as a separate application filing.
  • Submitting Supporting Documentation – Supporting Documentation for all concurrently E-Filed applications must be submitted as a single package to the same USCIS processing location identified on the Confirmation Receipt notice.
Last Reviewed/Updated: 12/10/2010