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Preparing for Your Biometric Services Appointment

After you file your application, petition or request, we will schedule your biometric services appointment if you need to provide your fingerprints, photograph and signature. Your Application Support Center (ASC) Appointment Notice (Form I-797C, Notice of Action) will include information about the date, time and location for your ASC appointment.

We recommend that you review a copy of your completed application, petition or request before you come to your biometric services appointment. At your appointment, we will only allow you to complete the process if you can re-affirm, under penalty of perjury, that all of the information in your application, petition, or request was complete, true and correct at the time of filing

What to Bring to Your Biometric Services Appointment

Your notice will provide specific instructions on what you should bring with you to your ASC appointment.  At a minimum, you must bring:

  • Your ASC appointment notice (Form I-797C), and
  • Valid photo identification (such as Permanent Resident Card, passport, driver’s license)

What to Expect During Your ASC Appointment

When you appear for your appointment, we will capture your fingerprints, photograph and signature digitally on a LiveScan machine. When it is time to sign your name, we will show you the language that appeared on your application, petition or request in the section titled Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center:

I declare under penalty of perjury that I have reviewed and understand my application, petition, or request as identified by the receipt number displayed on the screen above, and all supporting documents, applications, petitions, or requests filed with my application, petition, or request that I (or my attorney or accredited representative) filed with USCIS, and that all of the information in these materials is complete, true, and correct.

The language is only displayed in English or Spanish. If you require a different foreign language, we recommend that you select the appropriate language translation below and review it before you appear for your ASC appointment: 




Last Reviewed/Updated: 07/31/2015