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G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative: Tips for Lockbox Facility Filings


Form Information

General Instructions

  • Complete a separate form for each client.
  • Complete the form electronically if possible. The 2D barcode technology helps us collect information quickly and accurately. As you complete the form electronically, the barcode stores your information.
  • If you handwrite your answers, use black ink, keep data in the space provided, and ensure the information is legible.
  • Never use highlighters or correction fluid or grey out any part of the form.

Information about you

  • List the name of the Attorney or Accredited Representative in Part 1.
  • Ensure these required fields are complete in Part 1:
    • last name
    • first name
    • street address
    • city
    • state or province
    • zip code or postal code
  • Ensure your signature is present in Part 4.

Information about your client

  • List the name of your client in Part 3.
  • Enter your client’s name exactly as it appears on the related benefit form.
    • If filing a petition (e.g., Form I-130; Form I-140), enter the petitioner’s information (not the beneficiary’s).
    • If filing an application, enter the applicant/beneficiary’s name.
  • Ensure these required fields are complete in Part 3:
    • last name
    • first name
  • Ensure your client’s signature is present in Part 3.

Filing Locations

  • Send the Form G-28 with an application/petition filed at a USCIS Lockbox facility.
  • If your client received a receipt notice, but you did not, it is likely that your G-28 was not properly filed. 
  • Do not send a follow-up Form G-28 to a Lockbox facility.
  • Send follow-up Forms G-28 to the USCIS office where the case was assigned. Be sure to include the Receipt Number of the associated application/petition on Form G-28 in Part 3, Question 7.


Last Reviewed/Updated: 02/12/2014