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In these situations, you should first ensure that your employee understood and properly com­pleted the Section 1 attestation of their citizenship status. If your employee made a mistake and corrects the at­testation, he or she should initial and date the correction, or complete a new Form I-9. If a new Form I-9 is completed, the original Form I-9 should be attached to it with an explanation as to why a new form was completed.  If an electronically generated Form I-9 is completed, the audit trail should reflect these changes.

If your employee confirms they properly completed their initial attestation, you should not accept the document(s) if they do not match the status selected by your employee.  Although you are not expected to be an immigration law expert, if the documents in question are inconsistent with the status attested to, then the documents do not reason­ably relate to the person presenting them.

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