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Policy Memoranda

This page provides access to various policy and procedural memoranda which gives guidance to USCIS adjudicators in their work of processing applications and petitions for immigration benefits while still protecting national security.

ATTENTION: Policy memos that have been partially or fully superseded by the USCIS Policy Manual have been stamped and republished. If you have bookmarked affected memo PDF files, you will now see the updated stamped version of the memo indicating that you should visit for current policy.

June 09, 2011 The Role of USCIS District Directors in the Board of Immigration Appeals Recognition and Accreditation Process; Revisions to the Adjudicator's Field Manual, New Chapter 12.6, AFM Update AD 11-34
May 09, 2011 Requests to Expedite Adjudication of Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility, filed by individuals outside the United States; Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) Update AD11-10
April 27, 2011 Supplemental Guidance to USCIS Service Centers on Adam Walsh Act Adjudication - Centralization of Identified Adam Walsh Act Related Petitions at the Vermont Service Center for Adjudication and Review (AFM Update AD11-23)
April 19, 2011 Extension of Status for T and U Nonimmigrants; Revisions to Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) Chapter 39.1(g)(3) and Chapter 39.2(g)(3) (AFM Update AD11-28)
April 15, 2011 Guidance for Coordinating the Adjudication of Applications and Petitions Involving Individuals in Removal Proceedings; Revisions to the Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) New Chapter 10.3(i): AFM Update AD 11-16
April 15, 2011 Procedures for Recommending Revocation of a U.S. Passport to the Department of State; Adjudicators Field Manual, Chapter 83 (AFM Update AD 10-46)
Interim Memo for Comment April 22 - May 5, 2011
April 13, 2011 Nepal Initiative - Filing Form I-600, Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative, to Adopt a Child in Nepal; Revision to Chapter 21.5(d) of the Adjudicator¿s Field Manual (AFM), AFM Update AD10-47
April 13, 2011 Delegation of Appellate Jurisdiction with Respect to Certain Forms I-360 Filed by Afghan or Iraqi Nationals; Revisions to Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) Chapter 22.3 (AFM Update AD 10-40)
April 05, 2011 Implementation of The Special Immigrant Juvenile Perez-Olano Settlement Agreement
April 05, 2011 Final Policy Memorandum: PM-602-0023 (Dec. 21, 2010) Issuance of Advance Parole Employment Authorization Document; Revisions to Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) Chapters 54.2(b), 54.3(d)(3), 54.3(e) (h), and 55.3, and addition of Appendices 55-4, 55-5, 55