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October 28, 2014POLICY ALERTEffect of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) on Immigration and Acquisition of Citizenship Under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
October 21, 2014Technical Update – Religious Missionaries Abroad and Residence and Physical Presence
October 21, 2014Technical Update – Treating Certain Peace Corps Contractors as U.S. Government Employees
September 09, 2014POLICY ALERTNonimmigrant Trainees (H-3)
August 26, 2014POLICY ALERTCustomer Service
July 01, 2014Technical Update – Validity of Same-Sex Marriages
June 17, 2014POLICY ALERTChanges to Dates of Birth and Names on Certificates of Citizenship

Table of Contents

Volume 1 – General Policies and Procedures

Part A – Customer Service

Part B – Case Processing

Part C – Biometrics Collection and Security Checks

Part D – Attorneys and Representatives

Part E – Adjudications

Part F – Motions and Appeals

Part G – Notice to Appear

Volume 2 – Nonimmigrants

Part A – Nonimmigrant Policies and Procedures

Part B – Diplomatic and International Organization Personnel (A, G)

Part C – Visitors for Business or Tourism (B)

Part D – Exchange Visitors (J)

Part E – Cultural Visitors (Q)

Part F – Students (F, M)

Part G – Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors (E-1, E-2)

Part H – Specialty Occupation Workers (H-1B, E-3)

Part I – Temporary Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Workers (H-2)

Part J – Trainees (H-3)

Part K – Media Representatives (I)

Part L – Intracompany Transferees (L)

Part M – Individuals of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement (O)

Part N – Athletes and Entertainers (P)

Part O – Religious Workers (R)

Part P – NAFTA Professionals (TN)

Part Q – Nonimmigrants Intending to Adjust Status (K, V)

Volume 3 – Protection & Parole

Part A – Protection and Parole Policies and Procedures

Part B – Victims of Trafficking

Part C – Victims of Crimes

Part D – Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Enforced Departure

Part E – Parolees

Part F – Deferred Action

Part G – Humanitarian Emergencies

Volume 4 – Refugees

Volume 5 – Asylees

Volume 6 – Immigrants

Part A – Immigrant Policies and Procedures

Part B – Family-Based Immigrants

Part C – International Orphans and Adoptees

Part D – Family-Based Immigrants Filing Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Part E – Employment-Based Immigrants

Part F – Entrepreneurs

Part G – Designated and Special Immigrants

Part H – Special Immigrant Juveniles

Part I – Conditional Permanent Residents

Volume 7 – Adjustment of Status

Part A – Adjustment of Status Policies and Procedures

Part B – 245(a) Adjustment

Part C – 245(i) Adjustment

Part D – Family-Based Adjustment

Part E – Employment-Based Adjustment

Part F – Special Immigrant-Based (EB-4) Adjustment

Part G – Diversity Visa Adjustment

Part H – Criminal or Terrorist Informant-Based Adjustment

Part I – VAWA-Based Adjustment

Part J – Trafficking Victim-Based Adjustment

Part K – Crime Victim-Based Adjustment

Part L – Refugee Adjustment

Part M – Asylee Adjustment

Part N – Legalization

Part O – Registration

Part P – Special Adjustment Programs

Part Q – Post Adjudication of Adjustment Cases

Part R – Rescission of Lawful Permanent Residence

Part S – Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Residence

Volume 8 – Admissibility

Part A – Admissibility Policies and Procedures

Part B – Health-Related Grounds of Inadmissibility

Part C – Civil Surgeon Designation and Revocation

Part D – Criminal and Related Grounds of Inadmissibility

Part E – Terrorism

Part F – National Security

Part G – Public Charge

Part H – Labor Certification and Select Immigrant Qualifications

Part I – Illegal Entrants and Other Immigration Violators

Part J – Fraud and Willful Misrepresentation

Part K – False Claim to U.S. Citizenship

Part L – Documentation Requirements

Part M – Citizenship Ineligibility

Part N – Aliens Previously Removed

Part O – Aliens Unlawfully Present

Part P – Alien Present After Previous Immigration Violation

Part Q – Practicing Polygamists, International Child Abductors, Unlawful Voters, and Tax Evaders

Volume 9 – Waivers

Part A – Waiver Policies and Procedures

Part B – Extreme Hardship

Part C – Waivers for Health-Related Grounds of Inadmissibility

Part D – Waivers for Criminal and Related Grounds of Inadmissibility

Part E – Aliens Subject to Civil Penalty

Part F – Alien Smuggling

Part G – Waivers for Fraud or Willful Misrepresentation

Part H – Unlawful Presence

Part I – Provisional Unlawful Presence

Part J – National Interest

Part K – Family Unity, Humanitarian Purposes, or Public Interest

Part L – Nonimmigrant

Part M – Other Provisions Overcoming Inadmissibility

Part N – Motions and Appeals

Volume 10 – Consent to Reapply

Part A – Consent to Reapply Policies and Procedures

Part B – Adjudications

Part C – Motions and Appeals

Volume 11 – Travel, Employment, & Identity Documents

Part A – Permanent Resident Cards

Part B – Employment Authorization Documentation

Part C – Refugee Travel Documents

Part D – Reentry Permits

Part E – Advance Parole

Part F – Identity Documents

Volume 12 – Citizenship & Naturalization

Part A – Citizenship and Naturalization Policies and Procedures

Part B – Naturalization Examination

Part C – Accommodations

Part D – General Naturalization Requirements

Part E – English and Civics Testing and Exceptions

Part F – Good Moral Character

Part G – Spouses of U.S. Citizens

Part H – Children of U.S. Citizens

Part I – Military Members and their Families

Part J – Oath of Allegiance

Part K – Certificates of Citizenship and Naturalization

Part L – Revocation of Naturalization

Current as of October 28, 2014