Chapter 10: Reporting Allegations of Misconduct or Other Inappropriate Behavior

USCIS customers should report allegations of misconduct by both government and contract employees.​ [1] USCIS employees are also subject to mandatory reporting requirements for known or suspected misconduct by federal employees and contractors.

A. Employee Misconduct to Report​

Examples of alleged employee misconduct that should be reported immediately to the USCIS ​Office of Security and Integrity (OSI)​ and the ​DHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG)​ include,​ but are not limited to:​

Fraud, corruption, bribery, and embezzlement​;​

Sexual advances​ or ​sexual misconduct​;​

Theft or misuse of funds and theft of government property​;​


Physical assault​;​ [2] Physical assault may include grabbing, fondling, hitting, or shoving.

Unauthorized release of classified information​;​

Drug use​ or ​possession​;​

Unauthorized use​ or ​misuse of sensitive official government databases​;​

Misuse of official position for private gain​;​

Misuse of a government vehicle or property​;​

Failure to properly account for government fund​;​

Unauthorized use​ or ​misuse of a government purchase or travel card​;​

Falsification of travel documents; and​

Falsification of employment application documents.​

B. Ho​w to Report Employee Misconduct​

A person should report criminal and other serious misconduct allegations to the USCIS OSI Investigations Division. Customers may report employee misconduct by writing a letter to USCIS or reporting allegations directly to the DHS OIG.​

USCIS Office of Security and Integrity​

Contact Information​




Chief, Investigations Division​
​Office of Security and Integrity

MS: 2275​
​U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

​633 Third Street NW, 3rd Floor

​Washington, DC 20529-2275

USCIS​OSI makes every effort to maintain the confidentiality of informational sources​. However, ​be aware that for investigations in which an allegation is substantiated and disciplinary action is proposed, the subject is entitled to review documentation and evidence relied upon as the basis for the proposed action.​

Depending upon the nature of ​any​ allegation included in the report, OSI ​may​refer th​e​ matter to DHS OIG for review and investigative determination​as required​. If the allegation either does not meet the criteria for referral to DHS OIG or is not accepted by DHS OIG for investigation, OSI ​may​resolve the matter by conducting an investigation​;​ referring the matter for an official management inquiry, if appropriate​;​ or referring the matter to the appropriate USCIS manager for information and action as necessary​.​

As a matter of procedure, OSI does not provide a complainant, victim, witness, or subject of a complaint with the initial investigative determination of a complaint, since a disclosure of this nature could adversely impact the investigative process.​

Any allegation may also be reported by contacting DHS OIG directly either through a local OIG ​f​ield ​o​ffice​ [3] A list of OIG Office of Investigations field offices is available on the DHS OIG’s website. or by one of the methods below.​

DHS Office of Inspector General​

Contact Information​




Toll-free DHS Hotline at​



DHS Office of Inspector General/MAIL STOP 0305​
Attn: Office of Investigations -- Hotline​

245 Murray Lane, SW​
Washington, DC  20528-0305​

C. Allegations of Discrimination ​

Customers should promptly report allegations of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, parental status, protected genetic information, national origin, age, or disability to a USCIS supervisor or to the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL).​ [4] See the DHS Website on how to File a Civil Rights Complaint. In addition, report allegations involving physical assault (such as grabbing, fondling, hitting, or shoving) to OSI or DHS OIG.​CRCL’s website also contains detailed information about avenues for filing complaints with different offices and components of DHS.​ [5] See the DHS CRCL document entitled “How to File a Complaint with the Department of Homeland Security.”

DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties​

Contact Information​





Department of Homeland Security​
Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties​
245 Murray Lane, SW, Building 410 ​

Mail Stop: 0190​
Washington, DC  20528​

D. Employee Misconduct to Report to a Supervisor​

Report other types of conduct issues that do not fall under one of the bases of prohibited discrimination (for example, race, color, gender) to a USCIS supervisor. Types of conduct issues that may be reported through the supervisory chain include:​

Dissatisfaction with an application or petition decision​

Rude behavior such as profanity in the workplace​

Insubordination or deliberate failure to comply with orders​

Performance issues​

Dress code issues​

Supervisors ​should​consult with their servicing Labor and Employee Relations Specialist to address employee performance and conduct issues.​