A. NCSC Organization​

For the convenience of its​ customers​ within the United States​,​ [1] Customers located outside of the United States should direct their inquiries to the overseas USCIS field office with jurisdiction over their place of residence.USCIS provid​es a toll-free telephone number, ​which is answered by the N​CSC​. ​The N​CSC​provides escalating levels of service to handle inquiries of increasing complexity and consists of​ an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and a multi-tiered level of live assistance.​

Callers initially have the opportunity to have their questions answered directly by the IVR system.​If additional assistance is needed, callers may request live assistance by selecting that option from within the IVR​.​

Tier 1 Contact Center Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) offer the first level of live assistance.​CSRs may be contract employees​.​CSRs​ provide basic case-specific and general non-case-specific information to customers.​Information provided by Tier 1 will be limited in verbiage and format by informational response scripts that are created and provided by USCIS​.​

When unable to completely resolve an inquiry, the Tier 1 CSR may transfer the call to the Tier 2 live assistance level ​to​ be answered by ​a​ USCIS ​o​fficer​.​

Customers may​,​ at any time​,​ request ​to have a call ​directed to​ a supervisor​.​

Inquiries that may need to be resolved by a USCIS domestic ​field office​ that physically has the case file require the creation of a Service Request​. ​The Service Request ​is ​automatically routed​ to the USCIS office that can best provide a resolution to the customer inquiry.​

For inquiries that may need to be resolved by a USCIS overseas ​field office​ that has the hard copy case file, the customer ​should b​e referred to the appropriate overseas ​field office​ and given that ​office’s contact information.​

B. Levels of ​A​ssistance​

The following provides additional information regarding the levels of assistance ​available ​through the NCSC.​

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)​

At the start of an NCSC call, the customer interface​s​ with the IVR telephone system, which is a versatile key technology for automatin​g customer access to services.​

IVR ​enable​s​ callers to navigate a telephonic recorded menu to reach speci​fic information or assistance.​

The ​IVR system ​is ​available to customers 24 hours a day​, 7 days a week​.​

2. Live Assistance - Tier 1​

Live assistance ​is ​available at published times for questions n​ot answered by the IVR system.​

After interacting with the IVR, the caller ha​s​ the option to be transferred to a CSR at the​ Tier 1 Contact Center. ​

When unable to completely resolve the customer’s inquiry, the CSR may create a Service Request for the USCIS office that is processing the customer’s case, escalate the call to a Tier 2 ​USCIS officer​, or route the call to a supervisor, as appropriate​. ​

3. Live Assistance - Tier 2​

If the customer has spoken with the CSR at a Tier 1 Contact Center and has not been able to obtain a resolution, the call may be escalated to a Tier 2​ Contact Center if applicable.​

Tier 2 is staffed by USCIS ​officers​with ​acce​ss to applicable USCIS systems. USCIS officers ​may also escalate callers to a supervisor when necessary​. ​

4. Live Assistance - Tier 2 (Supervisor)​

When appropriate, the ​USCIS officer may escalate the call to a s​upervisory ​USCIS officer. ​Calls will be routed to a supervisor when:​

Customer requests to speak to a supervisor; ​

Customer is unusually upset and believes the proposed resolution is improper; or​

The matter requires urgent or expedited assistance by another office to resolve in a timely manner.​

A ​USCIS Tier 2 ​supervisor ​ha​s​ the ability to contact ​USCIS f​ield ​o​ffices, ​a​sylum ​o​ffices, ​s​ervice ​centers, and the National Benefits Center ​through designated points of contact to address any issues that require immediate action or direct assi​stance. ​When appropriate for the situation, ​a supervisor​may​:​

Verify the information provided to the customer by the USCIS officer.​

D​irectly contact the appropriate USCIS office to determine if any additional options may be availabl​e to resolve the caller’s issue (if needed).​

Create a Service Request if the issue cannot be resolved by the NCSC. ​

Request that the appropriate office take action to alleviate any unnecessary additional wait times, if the caller’s issue resulted from a USCIS error.​


1. [^] 

Customers located outside of the United States should direct their inquiries to the overseas USCIS field office ​with​ jurisdiction over their place of residence.​