A. Introduction ​

Customer ​satisfaction ​is generally understood to be the ​sense of​satisfaction ​that customers feel when comparing their expectations with the actual service​ the customer received. ​In order to improve​ customer service, USCIS conduct​s​ periodic assessment​s​ of customer satisfaction​. ​

B. Assessing Customer Satisfaction​

1. National Customer ​Service​Center ​(​NCSC​)​

USCIS conducts telephone interviews every month with customers who have called the NCSC within the past 90 days. USCIS may contract with a private company to execute this task. The interviews that are conducted represent a statistically valid sample. At least ​20 ​percent of these interviews ​are​ conducted in the Spanish language.​

Interview questions assess satisfaction with each component of the NCSC. ​USCIS develop​s​ the telephone interview questions in conjunction with the contracted company. These questions ​are​ reviewed annually for applicability and usefulness in assessing overall satisfaction with the services provided by the NCSC.​

2. InfoPass​ Appointments​

Field ​o​ffices may provide customer satisfaction feedback forms in their waiting rooms. ​If such forms are provided, field offices should also provide c​ustomers a place within the office to deposit their feedback forms. Offices should not distribute legacy-INS Report of Complaint (Form I-847).​

3. USCIS Website​

In February 2010, USCIS​, through its Office of Communications,​ implemented the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Survey ​on the USCIS​ website​. ​This recognized instrument is a randomized, pop-up, online survey offered to users of the ​USCIS​ website​. By​ participating in this survey, USCIS bec​ame ​part of the ​E-Government​ Satisfaction Index​ and joined m​ore than ​one hundred​ other government organizations and agencies ​that have already​ implemented this survey and are receiving feedback. ​

USCIS​ review​s​ the results of the survey on a quarterly basis and identif​ies​ opportunities for improvement ​on the USCIS website. Survey data also inform​s​ USCIS where ​resource​s​might best be used to affect ​overall customer satisfaction​. ​

S​urvey questions ​ar​e​ designed to gauge the overall user experience and customer satisfaction with ​USCIS’s website. Survey q​uestions ​address​ the​ following​USCIS website elements​: ​


Functionality; ​

Appearance; ​


Search function; and ​

Performance (for example​,​ speed). ​

A 10​-​point scale ​is​ used​ in survey questions. ​These individual scores ​are​ grouped​according to the performance area, ​then ​weighted​ and translated into a 100-​point customer satisfaction score​. ​The survey ​also contain​s​open-ended questions​. ​Responses to these questions ​are​ examined for specific feedback and recommendations ​USCIS ​can implement on the site​.​

USCIS also review​s​a wide assortment of research papers and other products available ​from the survey administrator ​to help ​USCIS​in data gathering, analysis, and site improvement activities.​