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Can My Agency Use SAVE?

An agency is eligible to participate in the SAVE Program if:

  • The agency is a federal, state or local government agency or licensing bureau

  • The agency provides a public benefit or license, or is otherwise allowed by law to engage in an activity where the verification of immigration status is appropriate.

Find your agency type and appropriate registration method below:

Public Housing Agency under Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

           Contact HUD at
            registration instructions. 

picture of hand holding a house

Participant in the Multi-family Rental Assistance Program under Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Contact HUD at

Financial institution processing Small Business Association (SBA) loan applications

Contact the SBA at for registration instructions.

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Educational institution

Contact the Department of Education at 202-377-3889 for more information.

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Law enforcement agency seeking to partner with the Department of Homeland Security for law enforcement purposes

Contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Law Enforcement Support Center at to request access to the information you are seeking. SAVE does not offer services for law enforcement.

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Employers seeking to verify employment eligibility

Visit the E-Verify Program at

picture of working people

Administering federal, state or local benefits or licenses

SAVE may be right for you!
 Learn about the registration process and sign up for the SAVE program.

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Last Reviewed/Updated: 09/18/2013