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SAVE Access Methods & Transaction Charges

Access Methods

The SAVE Program offers multiple system access methods based on the user’s needs:


  • Web-based Access - internet access to the system using a secure web browser
  • Web Services- a type of interface designed to support a machine-to-machine connection over a network
  • SAVE via AAMVAnet (VLS) - a new method that enables state DMVs to use AAMVAnet's single point of entry


  • Form G-845 Verification Request Document - a paper form to be used by agencies who cannot access the SAVE systems electronically. Special charges apply (see below).

Transaction Charges

SAVE charges for services based on the number and type of transactions. An initial electronic verification query incurs a base transaction charge. Certain access methods allow an opportunity to edit or correct the initial electronic query information (a “retry”). If a “retry” requires additional verification, an additional transaction charge is assessed. The electronic third step is free of charge****.   Agencies submitting paper Forms G-845 will be charged $2.00 per case.

SAVE Price Structure Chart

(Effective October 1, 2008)


Query Method

Initial Verification


Additional Verification

Electronic Third Step

Paper G-845

Total Maximum Charge**

Electronic Access***





No Charge



Paper G-845








N/A=Not Available

* Retry is available to select user access methods.

** Total Maximum Charge based on proper use of the system.

*** Electronic Access includes Web Access and Web Services.

****Electronic third steps are free of charge only when an initial verification (first step) query and additional (second step) query are submitted. If IAV is skipped, there is a charge of $0.50.

Note:  A minimum monthly service transaction charge of $25.00 is automatically billed to agencies with query activity during the month, but whose SAVE Program query volume charge totals do not exceed $25.00. No charge will be assessed if a user account remains idle during any given month.


Last Reviewed/Updated: 09/18/2013