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Facts & Myths

  • MYTH: Self Check is only for noncitizens and immigrants
    • Fact: Self Check is useful for anyone in the US workforce over the age of 16 because it provides transparency into your government employment eligibility records. If you are hired by a company that uses the E-Verify program, your employer will run your information through E-Verify. An information mismatch can exist regardless of whether you are a citizen or noncitizen. Use Self Check to gain the peace of mind that your government records are up to date.
  • MYTH: If Self Check issues a mismatch indicating there may be a problem with my record, my information is turned over to law enforcement agencies for follow up
    • Fact: The information about your mismatch is not shared with law enforcement agencies. Self Check is solely a tool for you to check your work eligibility and be proactive in ensuring your government records are up to date.
  • MYTH: I can print my positive Self Check response as proof of my eligibility to work in the United States.
    • Fact: Your work eligibility response from Self Check is not a credential you can use to prove you are eligible to work and companies are prohibited from accepting it as such. The work eligibility response is informational and indicates that you will likely receive the same response if an employer runs you through E-Verify.     
  • MYTH: If I live in a state where the law requires companies to use E-Verify, I am required to use Self Check.
    • Fact:You are NEVER required to use Self Check. State laws mandating the use of E-Verify do not apply to Self Check. These laws vary by state and apply only to employers and their hiring practices. If you are hired by a company in a state that mandates the use of E-Verify, your employer will likely run your information through the E-Verify program. Self Check can give you the peace of mind that your government records are as you expect.
  • MYTH: A private organization is allowed to require proof of a positive Self Check result when evaluating potential new members.
    • Fact: No one may EVER require you to use Self Check. A positive Self Check result should not be a condition of membership to any group or organization and is not to be required for receipt of any benefit, service or good from a federal, state, or local agency OR any private organization.


Last Reviewed/Updated: 09/18/2013