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You can help to speed our response to your record request by providing proof of death for any other persons one expects to be identified in a file.  If all individuals identified in the file are proven deceased the file can be released without processing under the Freedom of Information/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA).   

Other persons most commonly found in the records are the immigrant subject's children, spouse, and/or siblings.  Acceptable documentary proof includes any of the following:

Photocopy of Death Certificate

  • US Social Security Death Index record (individual record only, no lists)
  • Printed obituary, funeral program, or photograph of gravestone
  • Bible, church, or other religious death record
  • Record relating to the payment of death benefits
  • Other document demonstrating the individual is deceased

The Genealogy Program most often find other persons ("third parties") named and identified in the following files:

  • C-Files
  • A-Files
  • Registry Files
  • Visa Files
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