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USCIS Citizenship Outreach Partnerships

Since local communities play a critical role in welcoming and assisting immigrants, USCIS relies on state and local partnerships to help educate immigrants about naturalization and lawful immigration. Through these partnerships, we provide information and resources to help facilitate outreach and engagement, training and technical assistance, and citizenship education for communities.

Municipal Partners

The following local governments are collaborating with USCIS to distribute information highlighting U.S. citizenship and the naturalization process; raise public awareness of immigration services scams; provide USCIS educational materials and training on the naturalization process to librarians in public library systems; hold information sessions for permanent residents interested in learning about U.S. citizenship; and present naturalization ceremonies at prominent local venues.

City of Atlanta, Georgia

City of Boston, Massachusetts

City of Chicago, Illinois

City of Houston, Texas

City of Los Angeles, California

City of New York, New York

City of Seattle, Washington

 Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee

Federal Partner

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Because libraries are a vital resource for immigrant communities, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is collaborating with USCIS to provide information, educational materials, and training resources on immigration and citizenship to local libraries. Through this partnership, USCIS and IMLS seek to ensure that librarians have the necessary tools to refer their customers to accurate and reliable sources of information on immigration-related topics.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 09/16/2015