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USCIS ELIS Document Library

USCIS created the USCIS ELIS document library as an electronic tool used by an approved regional center for the Immigrant Investor Program (also known as EB-5). The USCIS ELIS document library:

  • Provides regional center representatives the ability to electronically store organizational and transactional documents for foreign nationals who have invested in the commercial enterprise within the approved regional center;
  • Allows immigrant investors to attest that the electronic documents associated with their investment are true and accurate; and
  • Enables the immigrant investors to link to their electronic or paper-filed Form I-526 petition with documents stored in the document library.

To use this tool you must be a document library manager authorized by an approved regional center. For more information on approved regional centers and the EB-5 program, see the links listed on the right.

Regional center employees can create a USCIS ELIS document library by following the steps below. For more information on how to use the document library, please see Guidance for Regional Center Document Library Managers: How to Create a Document Library and Deal Package.

Once a regional center has established a USCIS ELIS document library, they can upload deal packages and invite immigrant investors to access electronic copies of their investment documents. For information on how to attest the accuracy of your investment documents, please see How to Attest to the Deal Package.

Create a USCIS ELIS Document Library:

Image of laptop with USCIS ELIS logo

Create USCIS ELIS account.

  • Note: When you select account type, choose Document Library Manager. Save your USCIS ELIS Account ID.

Image of laptop with table on screen

Request access to a new Document Library.

Image of envelope with blue background

Receive Passcode to Access Document Library.

  • You will receive a document library passcode by mail from USCIS.


Enter your document library passcode.

  • Once you enter your passcode, you will have access to your document library. You can manage your library to create deal packages.

Image illustrating hard copy files being transferred to a laptop

Upload files to your document library.

  • Click the Manage Folders and Upload Files button to create folders and upload files into your document library.

Notes: You cannot have files with the same name within the same folder. And, you cannot rename or delete documents once uploaded.

Image of folder illustrating network accessibility


Manage your document library.

  • You cannot have identical file names in the same folder.
  • You also cannot rename, modify, or delete documents once uploaded. Changes to the documents would require the creation of a separate deal package reflecting the updated documents.

Several managers with access.

  • If multiple document library managers have access to your document library, click refresh periodically to update the page.
  • Also, save regularly to preserve your work.


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Last Reviewed/Updated: 11/10/2014