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Transcript: E-Signing A Benefit Request in USCIS ELIS

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Running Time: 1 minute 10 seconds

In this demonstration, an applicant first previews a completed snapshot of a benefit request, then e-signs and submits the benefit request.

After viewing the preview, the applicant then electronically signs and submits the benefit request.

After confirming that the information on the application is correct, select E-Sign to continue.

The Submission & E-Sign screen appears.

To e-sign, first select the E-Signature Attestation and Privacy Act Statement checkbox.

Next, complete the Full Name and USCIS ELIS Password fields.

Select Next to continue.

After e-Signing, select Next to be forwarded to, a government website, to submit payment for the benefit request.

Last Reviewed/Updated: 08/01/2013