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You are entitled to bring, at your own expense, an attorney or accredited representative with you to your interview.  If you do not feel comfortable speaking in English, you must bring an interpreter who is fluent in English and your native language.  The cost of the interpretation also is at your own expense.  The interpreter must be at least 18 years of age and cannot be your attorney or representative or a witness testifying on your behalf.  If, in addition to your NACARA application, you also have an asylum application pending, your interpreter cannot be a representative of your country of nationality. 

In order to receive your decision as quickly as possible after the interview, please be prepared to give the asylum officer any documents needed to establish eligibility to be granted relief under section 203 of NACARA.  Such documents may include:

  • proof of your relationship to family members (marriage/birth certificates); 
  • proof that you have filed income taxes during the seven years of continuous physical presence;
  • proof of hardships you and/or your family members would suffer if you are removed from the United States; and
  • court disposition documents related to any past criminal proceedings or serious traffic violations. 

You should also bring any passport, travel documents, and other forms of identification with you, even if they are now expired.   If you have a validly issued passport and USCIS approves your NACARA application, your passport will be stamped with temporary evidence of your lawful permanent resident status.

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