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There are only two instances where any fees will be refunded by the Genealogy Program.  They are:

1. When an Index Search Request provides a file number, the researcher uses that number to submit a Record Request with case ID (the prior index request), and the Genealogy Program is then unable to locate the file previously identified.  The Genealogy Program will complete a Form G-266, Request for Refund of Fee, and notify the researcher accordingly.

2. When a G-1041 or G-1041A is submitted by postal mail and includes an overpayment of fee (for example, if someone submitted form G-1041 ($20)  but attached a fee of $35.  The Genealogy Program will process the request and complete Form G-266, Request for Refund of Fee, to cover the overpayment (in this example, $15).  Please pay fees in the exact amount only.

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