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If the Service Center received your NACARA application before July 2000, you should have already received a notice to go to an Application Support Center (ASC) for fingerprinting.  If you have not received a fingerprint notice, you should submit a request to be scheduled for fingerprints.  You may submit your request to the Asylum Office listed on the I-881 receipt notice you previously received in the mail evidencing that you filed an I-881.

In July 2000, the INS (now USCIS) stopped automatically scheduling fingerprint appointments for individuals upon the filing of a NACARA application, with certain exceptions, to prevent the expiration of the FBI fingerprint check responses before the date of the NACARA interviews.  The FBI response regarding an applicant's background expires 15 months after the review of the fingerprints by the FBI.  USCIS cannot grant NACARA relief to an individual if the fingerprint response from the FBI has expired.  USCIS makes every effort to schedule a fingerprinting appointment for any applicant who has a child who will turn 21 years old within the next year and who entered the United States after October 1, 1990. 

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