A Day in the Life of USCIS

On an average day:

  • We adjudicate more than 26,000 requests for various immigration benefits.
  • We process 3,700 applications to sponsor relatives and future spouses.
  • We process 200 refugee applications around the world and grant asylum to 45 individuals already in the United States.
  • We screen 146 people for protection based on a credible fear of persecution if they return home.
  • We answer 50,000 phone calls to our toll-free phone line and serve 2,200 people at informational appointments in our 86 domestic field offices.
  • We ensure the employment eligibility of more than 80,000 new hires in the United States.
  • We fingerprint and photograph 13,000 people at 137 Application Support Centers.
  • We approve applications and petitions to help unite 25 foreign-born orphans with the Americans who want to adopt them.
  • We grant lawful permanent residence to approximately 2,100 people and issue approximately 7,000 Green Cards.
  • We receive 335,000 visitor sessions to our website.
  • We welcome nearly 2,000 new citizens at naturalization ceremonies. Typically, 36 of these new citizens are members of the U.S. armed forces.


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