Financial Programs and Cost Analyst Nadine

Financial Programs and Cost Analyst NadineJob Title: Financial Programs and Cost Analyst
Name: Nadine
Location: Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Williston, Vermont

Financial Programs and Cost Analysts in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer perform a wide range of activities. They develop, implement and enforce budget, accounting and financial management policies and internal controls. They collaborate with other analysts on budget and financial reporting and projections, payroll, position management, travel, and verification and validation of data.

Beyond the work itself, what is the culture like?
It seems to me USCIS employees are recognized and rewarded for their efforts, and encouraged to strive to better themselves by taking training in their current positions or to take them to the next level. Sometimes employees want to transfer or go on detail to another office in order to further their career. Management recognizes this as something that is important for the employee’s personal growth and the growth of the agency as a whole. Fresh faces bring new ideas, and this is understood and appreciated.

If you had one thing you’d tell people joining USCIS, what would it be?
Be prepared to work in a professional, secure environment where you will be challenged to reach beyond your comfort zone and encouraged to be creative. With our ever-changing technological advances, what worked in the past may not be the best way to do it now.

Your job might be considered a “catch-all” position. What would you tell people to expect?
There are many routine functions that I perform on a daily basis. These responsibilities are the foundation for feeling like I have accomplished something each day that was worthwhile and needed to be done. On the other hand, there are just enough “surprises” that pop up fairly regularly to keep things interesting and challenging. Even after six years in the same position, just when I think I’ve got things down pat and all figured out, a zinger will come my way which requires research and possibly group brainstorming to figure out. 

What are your particular responsibilities?
I work for the Financial Operations Branch in Williston, Vermont, where I manage the Relocation (Permanent and Temporary Change of Station) Program. Every day, I assist USCIS employees as they move from their old office to a new office via a paid relocation. I work very closely with our contracted relocation coordinators at the Department of the Treasury. Along the way, I have built a great rapport with my contacts at Treasury, with the funding offices and with the relocated employees themselves. If the employee is moving overseas, then I know we will be moving them back in the future and we will cross paths again. 

Tell us about the support and flexibility that USCIS offers.
There are many avenues for getting support for personal and professional issues. If there are child care issues, for example, the employee may be able to change their schedule around. In my experience, even if a problem extends beyond the powers of an employee’s supervisor or local chain of command, chances are there is a program or contact in place to assist the employee. 

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