Human Resources Specialist Chris

Human Resources Specialist - ChrisJob Title: Human Resources Specialist
Name: Chris
Location: Human Capital and Training, Washington, D.C.

A Human Resources Specialist performs technical work in areas such as hiring and recruitment, classification, labor and employee relations, performance management, compensation, benefits and retirement. They provide managers with advisory services in these areas to best meet the needs and objectives of the agency.

Tell us how you came to USCIS and what you do in your job.
As an undergrad at Brigham Young University, I signed up for an internship program that helped students find internships in the D.C. area. I applied to various organizations including USCIS. When USCIS called, I had mixed emotions -- a sigh of relief and a wave of, “Oh wow, am I really going to do this?!” During my internship I realized I had a passion for human resources and decided to continue along this career path. I started taking courses supported by my office to increase my skill sets, which, in turn, continued building my contributions to USCIS.

As an HR Specialist, I focus on our student/recent graduate programs. On any given day I will speak to a variety of employees who have questions about one or more programs. For those programs that require someone behind the scenes, I’m the guy behind the curtain making sure everything runs smoothly. I coordinate with operational HR Specialists, supervisors and the students throughout their programs. I’m there to answer questions, like how a permanent conversion to federal service can take place.

What do you like most about working at USCIS?
One of the aspects I have enjoyed most is how they have helped me grow on a professional level. I have been given projects that require me to learn and develop in new areas, preparing me for future opportunities. During my time at USCIS I have never encountered a situation that has made me have to choose between my work goals and my personal goals.

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