Field Security Manager

Field Security Manager ToddJob Title: Field Security Manager
Name: Todd
Location: National Benefits Center, Overland Park, Kansas

Field Security Managers serve as subject matter experts responsible for USCIS security programs in specific areas of the United States. They oversee programs such as operations security, physical security and administrative security. They advise leadership and serve on working groups and committees to develop policies and improve local security processes. Field Security Mangers also serve as security training instructors and assist with continuity of operations and occupant emergency programs.

What would you tell people to expect in your kind of job?
A Field Security Manager has to be a multitalented security professional. You develop a diverse background in the security disciplines and become a go-to person for all security-related issues. You learn from other program managers, regional peers, supervisors, and from HQ personnel in order to better perform your duties. 

Do you feel like you're having a direct impact on USCIS?
Here’s one example where I felt that I had an immediate impact: I was able to assist in standing up a new facility and oversee the installation of state-of-the-art security systems, including an alarm system, digital camera system and access control system, and also develop security policy.

What is the culture like?
USCIS is the most respectful place I have ever worked in as a civilian. In my experience, there are no judgments about prior military ranks. Respect is earned from professionalism.

What experiences prepared you for a successful transition to USCIS?
My service as a military police officer and experiences as an Army civilian security specialist provided me with the right skills for security program management. I was able to apply knowledge of physical security, information security, operations security, personnel security and antiterrorism programs. Having managed these programs, I was able to easily transition from the Department of Defense to the Department of Homeland Security. 

When you first joined USCIS, was there anything that surprised you most?
I was surprised by the difference in tempo in civilian life compared to military operations. I have learned to appreciate the agency's new emphasis on quality of the work. While deadlines are still important, quality is also a major focus.

How have you benefited from your time at USCIS? 
Trusting employees to get the job done without micromanagement has allowed me to grow in my field and build trust with my organization. This trust has reduced the stress in my personal life at home and allowed me to put more focus on my family life without distractions.

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