Records Manager Wallace

Records ManagerJob Title: Records Manager
Name: Wallace
Location: San Antonio Field Office, Texas

The primary responsibility of a USCIS Records Manager is to manage immigration files. A Records Manager must be flexible and have a broad knowledge of resource and personnel management, and the ability to focus on precision.  

What was the biggest surprise when you joined USCIS?
What surprised me most when I first joined the agency was the importance of the mission of USCIS and how critical it is to our country. I am not convinced everyone understands the significance of what the professionals at USCIS do daily and how it directly affects so many lives. For instance, by granting someone legal status in the United States, we change the trajectory of their entire family. 

Tell us about your work.
My office has an instrumental part in leading USCIS' records transformation effort with our DHS partners. The change itself creates a unique set of challenges to transition from the traditional paper-based records management business model to an electronic environment. USCIS must not only stay abreast of the technological changes, but also develop and recruit employees that are innovators and forward thinkers. 

Tell us about an especially memorable assignment.
I served as the only USCIS representative on a working group in South Texas comprised of representatives from all segments of law enforcement. Being a member of the group afforded me an opportunity to learn about tactics along the U.S.-Mexico border that not many non-law enforcement professionals experience. 

What was it like joining USCIS?
From the first week of my employment, it felt natural. My district director, the chief of staff in my office and the other members of the office family made me feel welcome. If I had to make a comparison, USCIS gives me the same sense of purpose and belonging that I had during my 25-plus years of service in the U.S. Air Force.

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