AAO Practice Manual Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Administrative Appeals Office
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1.1     Practice Manual

1.2     AAO Overview

1.3     AAO History

1.4     Jurisdiction and Types of Cases

(a)      Appeals

(b)      Motions to Reopen and Motions to Reconsider

(c)      Certifications

1.5     Non-Precedent, Adopted, and Precedent Decisions

1.6     The Board of Immigration Appeals

Chapter 2:  Representation of Parties before the Administrative Appeals Office
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2.1     Representation Generally

2.2     Notice of Entry of Appearance

(a)      Who Can Use Form G-28

(b)      New Form G-28 Required for Appeals

(c)      New Form G-28 Recommended for Motions and Certifications

(d)      Original Signatures Required

2.3     Service of Decisions, Notices, and Other Communications

2.4     Change of Address

2.5     Attorneys

(a)      Law Firms

(b)      Law Students and Law Graduates

2.6     Accredited Representatives

2.7     Ineligible Representatives

2.8     Withdrawal of Representation

2.9     Change of Representation

2.10   Rules of Professional Conduct

Chapter 3:  Appeals
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3.1     Overview

3.2     Jurisdiction

(a)      Rejected Applications and Petitions

(b)      Abandoned Applications and Petitions

(c)      Withdrawn Applications and Petitions

(d)      Denied Motions to Reopen or Reconsider

(e)      AAO Decisions

3.3     Representation by an Attorney or Other Representative

3.4     De Novo Standard of Review

3.5     Burden of Proof

3.6     Standard of Proof

3.7     Filing Requirements for Appeals

(a)      Parties Eligible to File an Appeal

(b)      Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion

(c)      Time Period for Filing

(1)      Decision Issuance Date

(2)      Appeal Filing Date

(3)      Computing the Time Period to File an Appeal

(4)      Untimely Appeal

(d)      Where to File

(e)      Filing Fee and Fee Waiver Requests

(f)       Statement or Brief Identifying an Error

3.8     Supplemental Briefs and Evidence

(a)      Brief Writing and Citation Guidelines

(b)      Supporting Evidence

(1)      Photocopies

(2)      Translations

(3)      Unavailable Evidence

(i)      Demonstrating that a Government Record is Unavailable

(4)      Inconsistencies in the Record

(c)      Requests to Extend the Deadline for Submitting Briefs or Additional Evidence

(d)      Requests to Submit Supplemental Information after the Deadline

(e)      Amicus Curiae

(f)       Oral Argument

3.9     Initial Field Review

3.10   Expedite Requests

3.11   Withholding Adjudication

3.12   Withdrawing an Appeal

3.13   Requests for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Dismiss

(a)      Derogatory Information

(b)      Responding to an RFE or NOID

3.14   AAO Decision

(a)      Sustain

(b)      Dismissal

(c)      Summary Dismissal

(d)      Reject

(e)      Remand

3.15   Non-Precedent, Adopted, and Precedent Decisions

(a)      Non-Precedent Decisions

(b)      Adopted Decisions

(c)      Precedent Decisions

(d)      Distinguishing Between Precedent and Non-Precedent Decisions

(e)      Requests to Reissue a Non-Precedent Decision as an Adopted or Precedent Decision


Chapter 4:  Motions to Reopen and Reconsider
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4.1     Motions to Reopen and Reconsider Generally

4.2     Motions to Reopen

4.3     Motions to Reconsider

4.4     Combined Motions to Reopen and Reconsider

4.5    Limitations on the Ability to File a Motion

(a)      Rejected Appeals

(b)      Abandoned Appeals

(c)      Legalization, Special Agricultural Workers, and the Legal Immigration Family Equity Act Legalization Provisions

4.6     Filing Requirements for Motions

(a)      Parties Eligible to File a Motion

(b)      Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion

(c)      Timing

(d)      Where to File

(e)      Filing Fee and Fee Waiver Requests

(f)       Required Statement Regarding Judicial Proceedings

4.7     Briefs and Additional Evidence

(a)      Motion Filed by Appellant

(b)      Service or Sua Sponte Motion

4.8     Effect of Filing a Motion or Subsequent Application or Petition

4.9     Expedite Requests

4.10   Requests for Oral Argument

4.11   Requests for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Deny

4.12   Withdrawing a Motion

Chapter 5: Certifications to the Administrative Appeals Office
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5.1     Certifications Generally

5.2     Jurisdiction

5.3     Notice of Certification and Deadline for Submitting Briefs

5.4     Oral Argument

5.5     Requests for Evidence and Notices of Intent to Deny

5.6     Standard of Review

5.7     Burden of Proof

5.8     Standard of Proof

5.9     Effect of Filing a New Application or Petition while a Certification is Pending

5.10   AAO Decision

Chapter 6: Contacting the Administrative Appeals Office
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6.1     Contact Information 

(a)      Inquiries about a Specific Case

(b)      Written Communications

(c)      Telephone Communications

6.2     Processing Times and Status Inquiries

6.3     Requests for Expedited Processing

6.4     Notification of Address Change

6.5     Requests for Oral Argument

6.6     FOIA Requests for a Copy of the Record of Proceedings

Chapter 7: Resources
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7.1     USCIS Website

(a)      Legal Resources

(b)      Forms

7.2     Federal Court Decisions

7.3     Guidelines for Briefs, Citations, and Evidence

(a)      Briefs

(b)      Citations

(c)      Evidence

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