Office of the Executive Secretariat


Stephen Dove is the chief of the Office of the Executive Secretariat.

What We Do

The Office of the Executive Secretariat (EXSO) provides direct support to the USCIS Office of the Director. EXSO receives, controls, and tracks correspondence and other written and electronic documents, including classified material, addressed to the USCIS Director or the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. In addition, EXSO sets standards for document preparation through its Correspondence Manual. 

We facilitate the agency’s top-level executive written communications, serve as the authoritative channel for clearing executive communications within USCIS, and coordinate interagency clearances with DHS components.  

We deliver prompt quality service to USCIS program offices and directorates and to DHS components. EXSO serves as a liaison within USCIS and to DHS to ensure compliance of deadlines for materials, maintains exceptional quality of content, and ensures compliance to all standards while collaborating with DHS components.

We regularly respond to special requests from the DHS Office of the Executive Secretary. Requests include preparation of briefing papers and talking points and coordination of particular Department-wide information.

We work with other governmental agencies to ensure prompt delivery of information, reports, and other documents requested or legislatively mandated by Congress or the White House, and we provide editorial assistance as necessary to ensure optimal quality. EXSO sponsors and provides a high-quality correspondence document management system for agency-wide use.

We serve as the central records repository for official documents and decisions, and we are the official record keeper for executive communications signed by the agency Director and Deputy Director. 


The Office of the Executive Secretariat consists of the following teams:

  • Internal Liaison Team
  • External Liaison Team

External Liaison Team

The External Liaison Team provides essential executive support and collaborates with USCIS program offices and directorates, DHS components, and other government departments as needed.

The Team manages the following:

  • Executive Congressional Correspondence;
  • Congressional Reports;
  • Congressional Questions for the Record;
  • VIP Correspondence;
  • Responses to FOIA requests on behalf of the Office of the Director; 
  • Incoming letters addressed to the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security and the USCIS Director, Deputy Director, or Chief of Staff; 
  • Internal clearances of draft response letters for the Director, Deputy Director, or Chief of Staff’s signature; and 
  • Preservation of the official files of the Director, Deputy Director, and Chief of Staff in accordance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Internal Team

The Internal Team plays a lead role in coordinating and clearing information or materials prepared within USCIS intended for review/approval by the Office of the Director to support the development of policy priorities, serves as the focal point for coordinating and clearing official documents from DHS Headquarters and components, including DHS Administrative Policy and Guidance documents that are binding on all DHS components. 

The Team:

  • Coordinates USCIS internal documents that require the Director, Deputy Director, or Chief of Staff’s approval or signature.  
  • Ensures that the agency’s directorates and program offices are informed of and have an opportunity to comment on documents that affect their offices or functions.  Documents include:
    • Federal Register Notices
    • Operational guidance
    • Instructional materials
    • Administrative and operational policy materials
    • Precedent Decisions
    • Cooperative agreements
    • Governance documents
    • Regulatory and statutory documents
    • Data calls
    • S1/S2 Briefing Book Taskers
    • Classified documents
    • Any other internally developed materials requiring Office of the Director’s clearance
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