Electronic Reading Room

The USCIS Electronic Reading Room provides access to information identified under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). We will update the Electronic Reading Room when documents are requested 3 or more times, or when we proactively identify documents likely requested for release.

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Accessibility Note:
The PDFs from this section of our website may not be fully accessible under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you need assistance, call 800-375-5283 or send a request to FOIAPAQuestions@uscis.dhs.gov with the subject line "FOIA Disability Accommodations." Please include your name, phone number and the document you need to access. A representative from our office will contact you to address your needs.

H-1B Receipts, Approvals, Denials and Withdrawals for FY2008 - FY2012 (Through Third Quarter) without Cap (PDF, 79 KB)
June 2012 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.63 MB)
May 2012 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.54 MB)
Compliance Notices issued by the E-Verify Monitoring and Compliance Branch (PDF, 932 KB)
Designation letters for all 218 EB-5 Regional Centers (PDF, 67.88 MB)
April 2012 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.25 MB)
Contract #HSSCCG-12-F-00200 (PDF, 2.70 MB)
Mamtek Regional Center, LLC (PDF, 227 KB)
March 2012 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.87 MB)
John Demjanjuk (PDF, 40.96 MB)
David Jones (PDF, 10.62 MB)
February 2012 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.09 MB)
January 2012 FOIA Log (PDF, 962 KB)
Southern Star Regional Investment Center, LLC (PDF, 38.48 MB)
T-Visa Statistics from FY2002 through FY2011 (PDF, 133 KB)
Roman Blum (PDF, 6.82 MB)
December 2011 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.07 MB)
ACS Regional Center (PDF, 14.68 MB)
November 2011 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.32 MB)
October 2011 FOIA Log (PDF, 1.48 MB)
Local Government Regional Center of Illinois (PDF, 9.90 MB)
AAA California Regional Center (PDF, 30.48 MB)
Affirmative and Defensive Asylum Applications - FY2002 through FY2011 (PDF, 296 KB)
Asylum applications filed based on membership in a particular social group - FY2008 through FY2011 (PDF, 31 KB)
Contract #HSSCCG-11-J-00332 (PDF, 5.03 MB)